5 Reasons to choose Benchmark tables over standard school dining tables

Our range of Benchmark tables is among our most popular products with schools, colleges, and universities across the UK, and with good reason. They benefit from a compact and lightweight design, making them an effective and mobile solution for all your school dining furniture needs.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at just five of the reasons so many educational establishments are choosing Benchmark over standard school dining tables:

Compact storage

Our Benchmark tables are intentionally designed to take up as little space as possible when folded up for storage. Indeed, a set of six properly folded take up an area of 1.6m x 2.24m – that’s 44% less space than similarly-sized models on the market. This makes them easier to move into a storage area, saving you room. Alternatively, they can be moved to the side of your dining area, freeing up space and letting you use it as a multi-use area.

Increased dining capacity

While there’s no universal standard for school dining furniture, most models seat between 8 and 16 children per table. By comparison, a Benchmark table from Versa provides seating space for as many as 20, while still taking up less room. This allows you to seat more children at a time in your canteen.


There’s no reason for your canteen to be an endless sea of school dining tables with all their surfaces the same, uniform colour. With Benchmark, you get to choose from more than 100 colour and pattern options for your table tops and bench seats, with an option to mix and match. This means you can have dining room tables coloured to match your décor or school crest colours. We can even use original images as your table-top design, be that student artwork or anything else you can think of.

Enhanced safety features

Most canteen tables come with wheel locks and other basic safety features as standard. At Versa, we put the safety of our customers and their pupils at the forefront of our design strategy. That’s why our Benchmark tables benefit from additional safety elements, such as anti-glide legs, tamper-proof edging, locking safety latches to avoid premature folding and a double-guard to prevent tipping.   

Lifetime warranty

Any furniture that you use in a school canteen or dining area can be expected to undergo quite a bit of wear and tear over the years. With hundreds of pupils likely to use them every school day, your standard dining table simply can’t take the strain. Most end up having to be replaced after several years, giving you a poor return on your investment and straining your school budget. If you sign up to a service and maintenance contract with Versa when placing your order for our Benchmark tables, your new furniture will be covered by our lifetime warranty, meaning your school will never have to worry about last minute replacements again.

If you’re looking to replace your existing stock of school dining tables with a compact and durable alternative that’s designed to last, the Benchmark table from Versa is the answer. Find out more online by visiting: www.versadesign.co.uk/benchmark or give the team a call on 0330 030 0330 to discuss your requirements and to see what we can do for you.