Wall pocket systems: Installation Options

Schools and universities in today’s educational environment are always trying to accomplish more with less resources. Effective space management is a critical task, especially in spaces like multipurpose rooms and dining halls. These facilities must be able to perform a variety of tasks, such as holding assemblies, presentations, or even extra instructional areas, in addition to housing huge numbers of students during lunch breaks. Conventional furniture can be heavy and unwieldy, making space utilisation a never-ending struggle.

The Wall Pocket System offers an innovative alternative for educational institutions facing space constraints. This creative concept frees up important floor space when not in use with folding lunch tables and chairs that neatly tuck away on walls or in alcoves. It maximises available space by offering two installation choices that suit a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you’re searching for a quick and simple retrofit solution for an existing structure or want to seamlessly integrate the system into a new build or renovation.

Understanding your space requirements

Our team of experts are available to help you with any of the following:

Number of Students and Dining Capacity: How many students usually use the dining area during peak hours? You can determine the necessary seating capacity by taking into account the number of students enrolled. You can choose a Wall Pocket System configuration that will easily fit your student body during lunch breaks because it comes in a variety of sizes.

Space Multifunctionality: Do you need to use your dining hall for activities other than meals, overflow classroom activities, meetings, and seminars? Tables and benches are simple to separate and utilise on their own, making the space flexible enough to accommodate a range of requirements.

Current storage capacity: Do you have spaces set aside specifically for storing large tables and chairs? The Wall Pocket System frees up important space for other applications, such as additional classrooms or equipment storage for PE programmes, by doing away with the requirement for such storage.

By giving these variables significant thought, you can clearly understand your functional requirements and space restrictions. Using this information will help you determine which Wall Pocket System installation option is best for any school.

Installation Options

Two unique installation options are available for the Wall Pocket System to further improve the utility and aesthetics of your institution:

1. Installation via Surface Mounting: Efficient and Practical Space Optimisation

For educational environments looking for a quick and easy way to maximise space utilisation, surface-mounted installation is a great option. During this process, the Wall Pocket units directly fix the folding tables and benches onto the existing walls.

The surface-mounted installation gives you the following options for using your area:

Quick Implementation:  The simplicity and quickness of this installation are its greatest qualities. Your school will instantly benefit from the Wall Pocket System’s space-saving features.

The Most Economical Option: With surface-mounted installation, you can optimise space utilisation, which is an affordable solution that doesn’t require large upfront investments.

Perfect for Pre-existing Structures: For educational institutions that wish to maximise space without undergoing significant modifications, this solution is ideal.

2. Recessed Installation: Seamless Integration and Design Flexibility

The recessed installation takes the Wall Pocket System to a new level, resulting in a seamless and eye-catching integration into your space. This technique excels in new construction or renovations, allowing for early planning.

The recessed installation improves your area in the following ways:

Clear and Uncluttered Beauty: The Wall Pockets take up residence in alcoves within the walls during construction or repairs. The units blend in with these alcoves when folded up, giving your dining area or multipurpose space a sleek, contemporary look.

Increased Customisation Possibilities: With the recessed installation, you can personalise your environment with more creativity. To provide utility and a unique touch, you can incorporate display shelves, power outlets, or even lighting inside the alcoves.

Both installation methods provide the Wall Pocket System’s primary advantages—better multifunctionality, safer surroundings, and more space utilisation. The decision between recessed and surface-mounted installations is based on your intended use of the area and your unique requirements.

Choosing the Right Installation Option for You

Now that you are aware of the advantages of each Wall Pocket System installation choice, follow these guidelines to choose the one that will work best for your education setting:

Considering the budget: Because surface-mounted installations require less building, they are typically more affordable. This technique provides a quick route to space optimisation if upfront expenses are a big concern.

Timetable and Interruptions: When it comes to causing the least amount of interference with regular school operations, the surface-mounted installation comes out on top. Thanks to its fast installation process, you can benefit from its space-saving features with the least amount of downtime.

Long-Term Plans for Space Utilisation: Think about your long-term plans for the area. Recessed installations offer more options for future customisation, so they may be a better investment if you plan on performing restorations or a complete redesign.

Desired Aesthetics: The recessed installation provides a cleaner, more contemporary look by skillfully integrating the wall pockets into the walls. If your goal is to create a modern and visually arresting room, then the recessed option is the best choice.

The ideal installation choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and situation. Regardless of the route you choose, the Wall Pocket System gives you the ability to:

  • Optimise the Use of Space: Reclaim valuable floor space that large furniture once took up to create a more open and adaptable room.
  • Increase Dining Capacity: Accommodate more students during peak lunch periods without feeling cramped or cluttered. This allows for a more comfortable and efficient dining experience.
  • Utilise Multi-Purpose Halls: The Wall Pocket System transforms your space in minutes. Folding tables and benches can be used separately for assemblies, presentations, or even additional learning areas.
  • Enhance Safety: Get rid of the dangers posed by unsecured seats. The safe Wall Pocket System reduces noise disturbances, making the classroom and workers safer.

Education establishments can save a lot of space and create a more useful, aesthetically pleasing, and effective learning environment by selecting the ideal Wall Pocket System installation choice.

Transforming Your Space with the Wall Pocket System

The Wall Pocket System empowers schools and universities to transform their spaces, regardless of the chosen installation method. It unlocks valuable floor space, maximising every square foot in dining halls and multi-purpose areas. This translates to increased student capacity, improved functionality through adaptable furniture, and a safer environment with the elimination of loose chairs. The system even caters to aesthetics with a variety of colour options and, for recessed installations, the possibility of further customisation.

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