5 Ways Your Versa School Dining Tables Can Be Customised

Here at Versa Design, we produce innovative and exciting school dining furniture for primary and secondary schools, academies, colleges, and universities across the UK. Our extensive range of canteen benches and tables comes in all shapes and sizes, ensuring there is always a perfect seating solution, whatever your particular situation might be.

From our revolutionary Benchmark tables and Wall Pocket system for easy storage, to our Hallmark tables and chairs and our ConverTable range, we have something in our range for every eventuality. We even have our Espresso mobile cafeteria tables to give your dining area a touch of café culture.

Customisable School Dining Furniture

Of course, your choice of design options for your canteen benches and tables doesn’t end there. All our products can be customised to meet your aesthetic and accessibility requirements. These are just five ways your Versa school dining tables can be customised…


Every school has a different number of students they need to accommodate and a different dining area (both in terms of size and shape). We understand this, which is why our canteen benches and tables come in a range of sizes to accommodate different numbers of students.

Our benchmark tables seat 12 – 20 children or 8 – 12 adults apiece, and additional units can be added with ease. The individual units allow you to set up different configurations to take advantage of all available space in your dining hall.

Our Hallmark tables are available in square, rectangular, round, octagonal or elliptical to suit your schools individual seating requirements and can seat up to 16 people.

If you’re looking for even greater seating capacity, our wall pocket system can include up to 4 sets of tables that accommodate up to 80 children.

Height Options

It’s a fact of life that children grow, which is why we have different height options for our canteen benches and tables. Our primary tables stand at 69cm (27”), with a 38cm (15”) high bench, while our secondary tables stand at 74cm (29”), with a 43cm (17”) high bench, providing a more comfortable height for older students.

If your dining space is going to be used by students in different age ranges, our Benchmark range includes an industry exclusive design that allows you to adjust the height of the table tops from 69cm to 74cm.

Colour Options

Our canteen benches and tables are available in over 100 different colour and pattern options. Whether you favour bright primary colours, a monochrome look, or muted pastel shades, we have something for you. We can also deliver patterned surfaces for a more dynamic aesthetic.

You can customise the look of your tables with a choice of stool, frame, and table top colour options, allowing you to create a look that matches your schools aesthetic.

Custom Artwork

If standard colours and patterns for your table tops don’t appeal, how about 100% custom artwork? We have the technology to print original artwork and design on all our school dining furniture. Perhaps you want to see the school colours included, or the school / house crests on display. Maybe you want to make it a project for your art department, or a competition for your students. However you approach it, we can apply it for you.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Our Benchmark range of school dining furniture is designed to be completely wheelchair accessible, with moveable seating and adjustable heights. This ensures that any students with mobility issues get to enjoy lunchtimes with their friends and peers without feeling excluded.

To order your own customised school dining furniture or to see what other options we have available, get in touch with Versa Design today. Call us on 0330 030 0330 to find out how we can help you.