Are You Ready for Exam Season?

As schools head towards their Spring/Easter break, exam season is right around the corner. Your students will already be revising and preparing for their examinations, while your teaching staff will be arranging cram sessions, practice papers, and other study aids. But what about the school itself? Are you ready for exam season? Have you got the right exam desks in stock to maximise your students’ chances of success?

As one of the UK’s most reliable school furniture suppliers, the team at Versa Design has the ideal solution for your exam desk needs. In this article, we’re going to talk about our innovative CoverTables range of folding bench tables and how they can help you during the exam season and throughout the rest of the school year.

The perfect examination hall solution

ConverTables are designed to be flexible, with multiple configurations depending on how you want to use them. One of those is for classroom or exam room seating, being a front-facing bench with an attached table top that provides ample space for an examination setting. Your students will have plenty of room for their exam papers, writing equipment, calculators, and other exam equipment that they might need.

Comfortable exam tables

Our folding bench tables are built with comfort in mind. We know that it can be difficult to concentrate in an exam if you’re not comfortable. The table tops are at the perfect height for writing or drawing, without being slouched over the table. The sturdy benches offer full support to children of all ages and sizes. The rectangular design also means that they can be used by left- and right-handed students alike, so you don’t need to order specialist equipment.

Versatile seating options

ConverTables aren’t just great exam tables, they can be put to use throughout the academic year. They make for great classroom seating, of course, but can also be configured into dining room or cafeteria seating, with benches on both sides of a central table. They can also be folded into auditorium seating, with back support – perfect for assemblies, school concerts, award ceremonies, and lectures. They fold down small, taking up little storage space when not in use and their lightweight design makes them easy to move from room to room, so they can be utilised where they are needed most.

Built to last

Exam season comes around every year, but you don’t want to have to replace your exam desks with such regularity. Our ConverTables are constructed to be hard-wearing and durable, whether you keep them for exams or use them to their fullest extent throughout the school year. We’re so confident that our folding bench tables will withstand the rigours of daily use by your students that each unit comes with a 15-year, no-fuss warranty as standard.

If you’re looking for high-quality exam desks that offer a fantastic return on investment, you have come to the right place. Call Versa today on 0330 030 0330 to discuss your requirements and place your order.