Creating a Safer Environment with Versa School Dining Tables

Here at Versa, the safety of our users is at the forefront of everything we do. We know that our extensive range of lunchroom tables, benches, and chairs is used by thousands of pupils across the country each and every school day. We also know that school-age children aren’t always gentle when it comes to putting furniture, fixtures, and fittings through their paces.

In this article, we explain what we have done with our dining hall tables to ensure the safest lunchtime environment for the pupils in your care:

Wall Pocket System

Our revolutionary and innovative Wall Pocket system consists of tables and benches that are housed in their own pockets secured with mullion locks when not in use. Not only does this prevent unauthorised tampering, it removes the requirement for additional storage space and reduces the risk of associated health and safety issues such as tripping. 

The Wall Pocket system also provides a safer environment for the canteen staff setting the tables up for lunchtime. The lightweight tables and benches feature a Lift Assist System for safe, controlled handling. They are extended out of the pockets using a specially designed handle, released from the housing by flipping a lever, and then gently guided into place on integrated wheels. After use, clearing away is just as simple, releasing a latch to raise the tables and benches to an A position, rolling them back into the pocket, flipping the lever to reattach, and then pushing it flat into the housing.

Finally, as the tables and benches are connected to each other in sets of up to 4, they provide a more stable and secure dining surface with no loose furniture moving around the dining hall during use, meaning less chance of trapped fingers, tripping hazards, and children falling over from swinging on their chairs.

Benchmark Tables

Our Benchmark Tables are designed with safety in mind. Easy to set up and fold away, these versatile pieces of dining room furniture benefit from anti-glide legs and DoubleGuard anti-slipping feet to keep them in place. In addition, locking latches keep the tables sturdy and secure, whether folded away or set up for use.

The stools are securely attached to the table at 4 points via heavy-gauge steel plates, improving the stability of the seating as well as reducing the likelihood of them being broken.

Hallmark Tables

Our Hallmark tables use the same anti-glide and anti-slipping technology as our Benchmark tables, ensure a safe dining experience for all your student. The built-in chairs are mounted on steel plates rather than upright poles, providing a more stable and secure seating solution that disperses the users’ weight more effectively.


Our ConverTable range is as much at home as a cafeteria table as it is lecture hall bench or study desk. When set-up for dining-room use, each ConverTable provides eight points of contact with the floor, ensuring a safe and stable piece of furniture for your school canteen.

In addition, the table and bench surfaces are manufactured from moisture-resistant polyurea making them easy to clean between uses for improved hygiene.

For a safe dining room environment for your students and staff, speak to Versa today about our range of lunchroom tables. Speak to us on 0330 030 0330 and see how we can transform your school dining experience.