Designing a Multi-Use School Hall

Multi-use school halls are an increasingly popular way to utilise space in schools, colleges, and universities across the UK. They allow teachers and students alike to make the most of the room available to them. From school gyms that double as a dining hall, to break-out areas that transform to open space for drama lessons, they offer endless possibilities.

Why consider a multi-use school hall?

Traditional school layouts often mean that spaces go unused for much of the day. Sports halls, theatres, gyms, and assembly halls may only be occupied for a couple of hours a day, being left to sit empty the rest of the time. By converting them into a multi-use space, you have additional rooms for teaching and activities at a fraction of the cost of a new build or extension.

Designing a multi-use school hall

There are plenty of ways to make a larger school area multi-functional. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting up spare chairs and tables in an empty sports hall to turn it into a canteen or study area. Folding partitions and moveable walls are other options if you want to split an auditorium into separate rooms to double your classroom space. For many schools, the preferred method involves using space-saving furniture like the Wall Pocket.

What is the Wall Pocket system?

The Wall Pocket system is simplicity itself. Wall-mounted dining tables are built into alcoves along the length of your school hall’s wall. They open outwards, folding out to form cafeteria style dining tables and benches. This can be performed in a matter of minutes, saving time and energy for your staff.

Wall Pockets are a cost-effective solution compared to buying new dining tables and chairs for your lunchroom area and are quick and easy to set-up and put away. When folded into their alcoves, you wouldn’t even know they were there. Being so simple to operate, you can transform your school hall from one purpose to another within minutes, so you won’t be holding up staff or teachers getting ready for their next lesson or lunch time.

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