Easily Convert Your Dining Room into a Learning Space

Many schools are failing to make the most of their dining rooms. Of course, they play an important role at lunchtime, providing space for students to enjoy their meals and a chat with friends. However, outside of meal-times, they often stand empty – a cafeteria ghost town of tables, chairs, and benches.

Yet they could be so much more than that, with just a little ingenuity and the revolutionary, space-saving products from Versa Design.

Wall Pockets

The Wall Pocket system is one of our most popular pieces of school furniture innovation. These wall mounted dining tables are set into alcoves across your dining room when not in use, turning it into a wide open space for sports, drama and dance, and a range of other activities. The tables and benches can be used separately, meaning you have a quick, convenient way to lay out multiple seating for assemblies, school plays, and other functions requiring an audience. Pulling out and putting away is a simple task, taking only a few minutes, saving you the trouble of putting furniture in and out of storage every time you use the hall.


Another popular product from our design team is the ConverTable – a convertible dining table. These multi-function, space saving tables can do it all. With a few simple movements you can change your full-sized cafeteria table into a single-side lecture table for talks or exams. Another quick change gives you a useful bench with a back for support – ideal for presentations and other events. However you have them, our ConverTables move easily on their castors for quick and simple set-up.

To learn more about our Wall Pocket system and ConverTables, and how they can help you covert your dining room into a learning space, contact Versa Design today on 0330 030 0330. A member of the team will be happy to answer any of your queries and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.