What are the Features of a Good School Canteen

Despite being overlooked by many schools when they consider a redesign or remodel, the humble school canteen is a key component in the success of any educational establishment. It’s not just somewhere for students to sit down and eat their meals at lunch-time – or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

With a well designed and fitted-out school canteen or dining area, you can improve your students mental health and well-being in incredible ways. In this article, we will discuss how.

Good food for growing kids

While we plan to discuss design features in this blog, let’s not forget that school canteens need to provide students with healthy, nutritious food that will give them the energy to carry on learning into their afternoon classes. Without that core tenet, they won’t benefit from the rest of these dining area design tips.

Smaller peer groups for better interaction

Having rows of dining room tables such as those created by our Benchmark tables, is the traditional school aesthetic and one that can still work, particularly in schools with larger numbers of pupils, where space is subsequently limited. However, if you have the room, consider smaller dining tables – but more of them – to encourage more intimate peer groups that can actually have a conversation with one another during lunch. Our Hallmark tables are just the thing.

Eye-catching visuals for greater involvement

There have been many studies concerning how our environment can impact our relationship with food. Different colours on the walls and table tops can affect our eating experience. Bright red stimulates the appetite, making students eat quicker, while green makes them more relaxed, helps them slow down their eating, and can even persuade them (albeit subconsciously) to make healthier food choices. You can introduce colour to your canteen by painting the walls, or you can choose a coloured or custom designed table top when you purchase your dining tables from Versa Design.

More than just a canteen

Many schools use their dining areas a multi-functional rooms, getting the most out of the space available to them. That makes perfect sense to us, being much more cost-effective than getting an extension built. By installing a wall-mounted dining table solution, like our Wall Pocket range of tables and benches, you make it easier to clear the canteen after lunch time, making it immediately accessible for the next class or group.

If you want to maximise the possibilities of your school canteen, contact Versa Design today on 0330 030 0330. We can discuss what you want from your dining area and offer professional advice accordingly, as well as a free, no obligation quote.