How Does the Wall Pocket System Work?

The Wall Pocket system from Versa is one of our most popular school dining furniture solutions, and with good reason. This innovative wall-mounted folding dining table is a simple and cost-effective way to reinvigorate your school canteen and free up space to turn it into a multi-use area.

As responsible school furniture suppliers, we want our customers to be able to operate our Wall Pocket system with ease and in safety. In this article, we’re going to explain exactly how it works:

Wall-mounted for easy storage

When not in use, the Wall Pocket system folds up to a fraction of its size directly into a wall-mounted cabinet. This cabinet is locked to prevent anybody from unfolding the benches or tables when they are not supposed to.

Unfolding the Wall Pocket system

Before you can unfold the tables and benches from the Wall Pocket, you will need to unlock it. Each Wall Pocket comes with a special handle that you use to hook the edge of each table or bench to pull it out from the storage cabinet. This handle means you don’t have to bend down to floor level to extract the school dining furniture, preventing the risk of back injury.

The tables and benches slide out easily on a wheeled base in one fluid motion. As they are drawn out, they will unfold, concertina-style until parallel with the floor. At this point, a central latch will lock each piece of furniture sturdily in place. There may be a slight rise in the centre of each bench or table, due to the high quality of the springs used in their construction, but this is nothing to worry about.

Folding up the Wall Pocket system

When it’s time to clear your school dining area, it couldn’t be easier to pack away your Wall Pocket tables and benches. Start by releasing the central latch by pulling the rounded black handle. This is safely positioned to prevent any chance of catching your fingers in the mechanism. Once released, you can raise the centre of the table or bench, pushing the far edge along the floor until it reaches the cabinet and slides into place. You can then lock the cabinet for your added safety.

Relocating your furniture

The Wall Pocket furniture is connected to the cabinet as standard for ease of use, but it doesn’t have to be. Each bench and table has a locator bolt that holds it in place. When unfolding the furniture, you can release the bolt using the red handle located beneath the tabletop or bench seat. This allows you to arrange the bench anywhere in the room. To return it to the cabinet, simply fold up the table, carefully slide the near edge into the cabinet base and re-engage the locator bolt.

If you want your school to benefit from the many advantages of the Wall Pocket system, get in touch with Versa today. Call us on 0330 030 0330 to discuss your particular requirements and to receive a free, no-obligation quote for supply and installation.