How Wall Pocket Systems can Improve Efficiency at Lunchtime

School mealtimes, where students gather to refuel and socialise, are a pivotal part of the educational experience. However, the daily routines of mealtime staff, from setting up for lunch to clearing away afterwards, can be a logistical challenge.

That’s where Versa’s Wall Pocket tables can help. The Wall Pocket is the perfect answer for pupil dining in multi-purpose halls. When the tables are stored away, you can utilise the space as required, but when needed you can remove the tables and benches from the wall and set up in no time at all.

In this blog, we’ll explore how these tables enhance efficiency and ease the management of school lunchtime, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for both staff and students alike.

Quick Set Up

Wall Pockets are designed to provide a hassle-free dining experience in schools. By simply unlocking the wall mounted unit and using the special handle, mealtime staff can effortlessly set up the tables without any heavy lifting or bending. The tables and benches pull out smoothly, creating an efficient dining and seating space. Once in place, a latch ensures their stability until it’s time to remove them. Additionally, the tables can be detached from the casing for even more flexibility in seating arrangements, plus the benches work independently so they can be used on their own for assemblies.

More Dining Space

Wall Pockets are specially designed to accommodate a large number of children, with different options available, capable of seating up to 88 primary and 72 secondary children. This makes them an ideal solution for schools with a multi-purpose hall or schools who are simply just looking to optimise their dining capacity within their limited space constraints. With the ability to seat more children at each table, the overall efficiency of the meal-serving process is significantly improved.

By utilising Wall Pocket tables, mealtime staff can efficiently serve meals to a larger group of children in a shorter amount of time. This means that staff members can then allocate their time and resources to other important tasks, such as supervising students or maintaining cleanliness in the dining area.

Quieter and Safer Environment

Wall Pockets are an innovative design that prioritises safety in educational settings. They eliminate potential accidents commonly associated with traditional tables, such as trapped fingers or falling objects. With their secure and stable construction, they provide a safe dining experience for students.

The noise reduction feature of these fixed tables is a significant advantage. The absence of scraping chairs significantly reduces distractions and creates a more peaceful eating environment. As a result, supervision becomes less stressful, allowing teachers and staff to focus on their primary responsibilities without unnecessary disturbances.

Additionally, Wall Pocket tables contribute to improved monitoring capabilities in schools. The sturdy and enduring structure of these units ensures that they remain intact even under rigorous use. This reliability enables teachers to keep an eye on students more effectively during meal times, ensuring everyone is present, safe and engaged in appropriate behaviour.

Improved Hygiene

Wall pockets are specially designed with ultra-durable and hygienic surfaces which makes them a popular choice for pupil dining. They are not only easy to clean but also ensure a quick and hassle-free post-lunch clean-up process for the staff. The table and bench surfaces are resistant to stains, scratches, and spills, reducing maintenance efforts.

Their surfaces are also designed to resist bacterial growth and can be easily sanitised. This helps maintain a clean and healthy environment, especially during peak meal times.

Maximise Lunchtime Efficiency

Wall pockets are a game-changer when it comes to lunchtime efficiency in schools. With their convenient design and variety of features, they offer a practical solution for maximising space in multi-purpose halls. From increased seating capacity to improved organisation, these tables can greatly enhance the overall dining experience for staff and students.

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