Improve the Efficiency of your School Canteen with Space-Saving Dining Furniture

Whether you’re a primary or secondary school, a college or university, state-funded or independent, you’re always looking for ways to maximise your resources. We’re not just talking about educational budgets here. We’re also talking about making the most of the space you have available in your school. With educational budgets becoming ever tighter, few school and colleges can afford building extensions to increase capacity. Fortunately, there is another way to give your staff and students more room in which to work and learn – with space-efficient canteen benches and tables from Versa Design. 

Save space with innovative dining room furniture

While dining rooms are an essential part of any school – after all, kids have to eat somewhere, right – often they are not put to best use. Outside of lunch and break times, they’re left standing empty. That’s a lot of on-site real estate you could be doing something with. We offer a range of innovative furniture solutions that turn your dining room into a multi-functional area. With folding tables that take up a minimal amount of room, to wall mounted dining tables that fold away in minutes, you’ve just gifted yourself a whole new teaching area for anything from dance and drama classes to exam space, and more. 

Free up storage space

With folding dining tables that take up the least possible space, you now have much more room in your school’s storage areas. You can turn them into classrooms, or take the opportunity to invest in other equipment that you previously never had the room for. 

Customise your dining room furniture

As well as giving you more room in your dining area, our furniture solutions can give your school a greater sense of identity and community. We can customise your tables and benches you’re your school logo or branding, or any other colours and patterns that might catch your eye. 

Save money as well as space

Investing in any of our folding dining tables, convertible dining tables, or wall mounted dining tables gives you the advantages of a new school extension, at only a fraction of the expenditure in terms of time and costs. Our team of fitters work quickly to install your new furniture with the minimum of hassle, allowing you to reap the benefits almost immediately. 

The ideal space-saving solution

Our Wall Pockets, ConverTables, and other dining room solutions are ideal for a range of educational settings. Whether you’re a school, college, or university, if space is at a premium, you can make the most of it with Versa Design. For more information about our space saving dining tables and benches, get in touch with Versa Design today on 0330 030 0330. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.