The Benefits of Including Wall Pockets in Your New Build School Design

As an architect, you don’t want to reproduce the same old tired designs when hired for a new project. You want to create something new; something that will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your skill and imagination. When designing a new build school from scratch, you want to deliver a vision for that school that is both innovative and practical.

Here at Versa Design, we can understand that desire. After all, our entire remit is based on inventive design coupled with functional application. That’s why our unique Wall Pocket system is such a game-changer, especially for new build school projects.

What is the Wall Pocket System?

At its heart, the Wall Pocket system is a way for schools, colleges, and other educational establishments to make the most of their available space. As an architect, you’re already familiar with the importance of effective space-planning. Our Wall Pocket system allows schools to maximise their dining areas, or turn a dining hall into a truly multi-functional space.

These are wall-mounted tables that fold out as a row of dining tables and benches, each unit capable of hosting up to 20 children or 16 adults. When folded away, a single Wall Pocket table takes up a mere 16cm of space. Our largest model – the quad – comprises four Wall Pocket tables in a row, seating 80 children or 64 adults. Even this model only uses 58cm of space when folded away for storage.

Walls and Recesses

The Wall Pocket system can be installed as a wall-mounted table or fitted into a specially-designed recess. Of course, most schools require the wall-mounted version, with few administrators prepared to cut a suitably-sized hole out of their dining room wall! However, when building a new school from scratch, recessed Wall Pockets are ideal. Staff and students get the same safe, comfortable, and practical dining furniture, but the tables and benches are flush with the wall once folded away.

Built to Last

Our Wall Pocket system is designed to last. Constructed to a solid, robust design, every Wall Pocket system comes with a lifetime warranty if the school signs up to our service and maintenance package. That’s our personal assurance that this exciting and innovative dining room equipment will still be supporting students years and decades after it has been fitted.

Easy Installation

To include the Wall Pocket system in your design, you will need the right measurements. We have 2D and 3D CAD blocks available upon request, so you can incorporate these revolutionary wall-mounted tables into your final blueprint. The 2D and 3D blocks can be forwarded to you upon request.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in including the Wall Pockets system in your new build school, contact Versa Design today. Call us on 0330 030 0330, to speak to a member of the team, or send us a message online.