The Importance of School Lunchtimes

Lunchtime is a key part of the school day. Not only does it provide a break from study for students and teachers alike, it is an opportunity for the entire school community to refuel for the afternoon and to engage with one another outside of a classroom environment. Because of this, it’s important that every place of learning has suitable dining tables for schools to ensure their pupils and teachers are able to make the most of their lunchtime.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the things that make lunchtime in school such an important part of the day and how high-quality canteen tables and chairs can help.

Social interaction

While children are encouraged to participate in lessons with their peers, some students exhibit significant anxiety when pressed to do so. A welcoming lunch room environment with no pressure to deliver the right answers can help these pupils to come out of their shells. A relaxed, sociable atmosphere encourages positive behaviour among students. Dining room seating that offers plenty of space to interact with one another can help with this, as can circular tables that promote group interaction.

Happier students

It is well known among educators that happier children are more inclined to study well in class, which is part of the reason a pleasant lunchtime experience is so important. That time taken out of the day’s work to enjoy their meal and the company of their friends can create a truly happy experience, so long as the setting is conducive to that kind of atmosphere. Comfortable seating, colourful dining tables, and the space to engage meaningfully with classmates all contribute towards that.

Better behaviour

A study conducted by the Children’s Food Trust demonstrated that a better lunchtime experience often leads to improved behaviour during a student’s afternoon lessons.  Good food gives them energy for the remainder of the day, while being able to chat and mess around with their friends allows them to let off steam prior to resuming the day’s studies.

Improved communication skills

Not all life skills are taught in the classroom. Interacting with their peers outside of class is a great way for students to develop their communication skills. This can not only impact on their verbal abilities, but also improve their confidence in social situations, which is a considerable benefit for later life.

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