Cost, time and space savings with Versa!

As schools are increasingly coming under pressure to take on more and more students, so they are required to innovate to ensure optimum use of space, time and resources. Here at Versa, we’re helping schools across the UK and beyond increase capacity, create more space and save money at the same time. Yes, it really is possible to achieve all three.

For years schools have struggled with bulky stool tables and loose furniture that take an age to set out. This furniture is not only time-consuming but unnecessary use of precious space.

We spoke with some of our customers and discovered that on average it takes four catering staff one hour to set out and pack away their furniture for lunchtimes. Times that by the 38 academic weeks in a year and that comes to a huge 760 hours a year! If we times that figure by the typical wage (MLW) of £7.83, that comes to a staggering £5,950.80. So schools are paying their catering staff nearly £6,000 a year just to set out and put away dining furniture! Surely that money could be put to better use in the school?

Enter the Benchmark and Wall Pocket systems = Flexible, folding dining furniture that sets up in a fraction of the time and stores in next-to-no-space.

With the Benchmark or Wall Pocket tables, schools can save nearly £5,000 a year in catering staff wages. That’s right. On average these tables can be set up by two members of staff in under 10 minutes, taking just 10 minutes to store them away again. That means it’s only taking 125.4 hours a year instead of 760, meaning the cost of paying staff to set out and clear away for lunch has come down to £981.88.

So that’s a saving for you of £4,968.92 per annum and £74,533.80 over the guaranteed lifetime of the product (15 years)!

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