Maximise the Capacity of your Dining Hall with Wall Pockets

The Wall Pocket system is one of our most popular products, and it’s not hard to see why. This innovative, wall-mounted dining table solution helps schools, colleges, and universities make optimal use of their dining room space by introducing dining tables and benches that fold up to be stored along the walls.

Versatile Dining Room Solutions

However large or small your dining room area, we have a Wall Pocket system to match. They are available in four variants – single, double, triple, and quad – each comprising one, two, three, and four dining room tables respectively. When extended, each single table measures 427cm in length. The attached benches on either side give each table a width of 147cm and can seat up to 16 adults or 20 children. The height of the tables can also be adjusted, making them suitable for primary or secondary school use.

Length427cm 854cm 1280cm1761cm
Width 147cm147cm147cm  147cm
Pocket depth16cm30cm44cm58cm

Simple Storage

All our Wall Pockets fold away for simple storage. A single table takes up 16cm of space when folded into its Wall Pocket, and even the quad model fits into a 26cm pocket. That is how much space you are saving with their unique and slimline design. The tables and benches themselves are easy to fold away, and you can clear the entire room within minutes.

Customised Dining Furniture

Our Wall Pockets are designed to be as unique as your school and its students. The wipe-clean table surfaces are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, or you can create a design that’s all your own. Some schools like to incorporate the school crest, while others have dining tables based on their students’ artwork – some even make a competition out of it. Whatever way you choose to approach it, we can create a one-of-a-kind look for your school, college, or university.

Easy Installation

Our Wall Pockets are fitted by our own team of professionals. They understand the products inside and out, and know how best to install them while causing minimal disruption to the school. We have fitted thousands of Wall Pockets in educational establishments across the UK, but we don’t stop there. We offer the same high standard of installation to our international customers, fitting Wall Pockets in schools as far afield as Norway, India, and beyond.

A Product You Can Trust

Every Versa Design product is built to last, so long as you take care of it. This is why our Wall Pockets come with a lifetime warranty when you also sign up to our service and maintenance plan.

A Sample of Our Work

We have worked with many schools over the years. One example is St Thomas Aquinas School, which need a flexible dining room solution for 300 students. We supplied and fitted four triple Wall Pocket systems (plus additional tables from our Benchmark range), each with their own custom designs. That’s a lot of surface area to cover, as befits a school with such a large student body. Now those tables and benches can be folded away to a fraction of the size, that entire dining area can function as a multi-use room outside of lunch times.

St Thomas Aquinas School wall pocket systems

For more examples of Wall Pockets in action, visit our case studies page.

For more information about our revolutionary Wall Pocket system and to find out how it can benefit your school, college, or university, give Versa Design a call today on 0330 030 0330. You can discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team and get a free, no-obligation quote for both delivery and fitting.